О Экзаменационно-образовательном центре Universal Test

Экзаменационно-образовательный центр
Universal Test проводит курсы подготовки к международным экзаменам по английскому и немецкому языкам:

IELTS • TOEFL • TOEFL Junior • GMAT • GRE • TOEIC • SAT • SSAT • ECL • TestDaF • Goethe-Zertifikat

Экзаменационно-образовательный центр Universal Test является лидером среди языковых школ Киева с 15-летним стажем работы. Наши преподаватели - высококвалифицированные специалисты в сфере обучения английскому и немецкому языкам. Мы обладаем колоссальным опытом работы и знаниями в сфере международного тестирования.



г. Киев, ул. Б. Хмельницкого, 40/25

м. Университет | м. Золотые Ворота

+38 (044) 288-04-83 | +38 (093) 898-94-59

e-mail info@toefl-ielts.org skype universal.test


‘Universal Test’ is recognized by its fundamental contribution into the development of international relations between Ukraine and foreigncountries in terms of education, work and cross-cultural relations. It has been serving as a source of information and advice for individual saiming at studying or working overseas as well as for foreign people who have come to Ukraine with educational or professional purpose. According to our data available, NGO ‘Universal Test’ at the address 40/25 Bohdan Khmelnytskii Str. effectively implements the following directions of activity:

  • Assistance in issues regarding visa and immigration
  • Monitoring of quality of education and training in remote Regions of Ukraine by means of organizing exhibitions, seminars and conferences
  • Establishing and developing of cross-cultural understanding and experience sharing
  • Assistance and support for individuals willing to study, work or travel abroad
  • Providing a variety of resources available to help ease foreigners’ transition – academically, culturally, and socially

Apply to us at the address:

 Ukraine, Kiev, B. Khmelnitskogo Str. 40/25

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