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Экзаменационно-образовательный центр Universal Test является лидером среди языковых школ Киева с 15-летним стажем работы. Наши преподаватели - высококвалифицированные специалисты в сфере обучения английскому и немецкому языкам. Мы обладаем колоссальным опытом работы и знаниями в сфере международного тестирования.



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What is GMAT?

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is the general education test in English. It estimates the level of mathematical, analytical and verbal skills. GMAT test defines how the applicant is ready for training at business schools. Respectively, each module is directed to identification of necessary knowledge and skills.

Who needs to pass GMAT examination?

• Passing of GMAT test is necessary for entering the western business schools, including MBA, and for entering according to master programs the western universities at which training is provided in English. The certificate is accepted at more than 1500 business schools in the world. A high result is usually required, therefore it is a difficult challenge for candidates.

• Those who want to build the career in the leading world companies choose this examination as well.

Having passed the examination, the candidate receives the international certificate. Results of the examination is valid within 5 years. The score you need to get depends on the requirements of the corresponding HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION or the employer.

GMAT test consists of three parts:

• The essay on the offered subject (Analytical Writing Assessment)

• Mathematical part (Quantitative)

• Test task for definition of the level of English (Verbal)

GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment

This section consists of 2 parts, the subject is defined by the computer. In the first part it is necessary to comment on information from a small fragment from article or another text, to express personal opinion, having confirmed it with arguments. In the second part of Analytical Writing the person, being tested, is offered a certain fact concerning which he/she has to give an accurate answer. 30 minutes are given to fulfill each task. The English assessment while passing GMAT test is not the most important as it is supposed that the person, being tested, knows it already. Good knowledge in the field of business is more important, as the subject of tasks is related to this sphere.

GMAT Quantitative

This section assumes an assessment of knowledge of mathematics and abstract thinking. The tasks in the first part of Quantitative are simple at first, the level of the program of the 9th form, then the level of the 1st course of mechanical-mathematical faculty.  The second part estimates the ability to abstract and analytical thinking therefore it is rather difficult to fulfill them without preparation.  It contains 37 questions, two statements are attached to each of them.  It is necessary to define the existence of necessary information in them, and the ratio between them.

GMAT Verbal

Verbal part estimates, whether the candidate is able to read and whether he/she knows English grammar. The section Sentence Correction consists of 41 questions with 5 versions of answers, and they are of three types – Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction. Verbal Reading Comprehension consists of tasks,where it is necessary to define the main idea of the text read; to draw the conclusions following the ideas offered by the author; to use information from the text; to modify the text stylistics. In Verbal Critical Reasoning it is necessary to analyze a problem and to choose the most suitable from the offered options of its solutions. The Sentence Correction tasks are presented in the form of the sentence, the part of which underlined. It is followed by 5 options, which can be substituted in the underlined part, it is necessary to choose the correct from them.

System of scoring the test

The candidate has an opportunity to receive from 200 to 800 scores at the examination.  The result of GMAT test contains 4 scores:

• the general one – from 200 to 800 scores;

• for Quantitative Section – from 0 to 60 scores;

• for Verbal Section – from 0 to 60 scores;

• for Analytical Writing Assessment – from 0 to 6 scores.

Features of passing the test

It is a rather difficult examination.  For its successful passing it is necessary to consider specifics of the test as the knowledge of the theory is usually not enough, it is important to be able to use the skills in the specific tasks.  Teachers of the official test center will help you to gain the most necessary skills and strategy by means of which you will gain high scores.

For getting the desirable result at passing GMAT, it is important to have not simply good theoretical knowledge of formulas and rules, but also ability to apply them in certain tasks. Thus, the time for reflections and fulfilling of the tasks will be limited. Therefore, it is very important to get prepared for gmat in Kiev beforehand. And it is necessary to have a serious approach to it, otherwise there is a chance to fail the examination. The qualified teachers at GMAT courses in Kiev in the Universal Test Company will help you with acquisition of all the necessary skills.

Preparation for GMAT at the courses in the Universal Test Company includes:

First of all, you should pass trial test, which includes tasks similar to those that will be presented at GMAT examination. With the help of the teacher you will estimate the level of your knowledge and develop the program of studying, according to your strong points and weaknesses and the expected result. In the Universal Test Company the trial test is given free of charge. After its fulfilling the qualified teacher will help you to deal with the examination structure, tell about all its “reefs” and help you to develop the strategy and tactics of passing the test. At the preparation courses for GMAT in Kiev you receive all the necessary skills for fulfilling of tasks of all modules, learn to write the essay correctly and express the thoughts in English logically.

You can choose group or individual classes. If you need to get prepared in a short time, there is an intensive course for this purpose. You can learn more details of the program of studying in the section “Prices and Schedule”.

Advantages of preparation for GMAT in the Universal Test Company

 You will be taught by the certified teachers, who have sufficient experience in it

 You receive all studying materials (Textbooks and CD) free of charge

You will pass the free trial test, which will show your level today

 The office, where the classes are given, is equipped with the modern equipment and is in the center of Kiev

 You have the opportunity to choose the schedule of group classes convenient for you or choose individual courses

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