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Экзаменационно-образовательный центр Universal Test является лидером среди языковых школ Киева с 15-летним стажем работы. Наши преподаватели - высококвалифицированные специалисты в сфере обучения английскому и немецкому языкам. Мы обладаем колоссальным опытом работы и знаниями в сфере международного тестирования.



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The IELTS test is a system of the international testing in English, allowing to define the level of knowledge of the language of those, who want to emigrate, work or be trained in the English-speaking environment. It is diagnostic, and it means that if you come to it, you will anyway receive the certificate with the score from 1 to 9, this will be your grade. As a rule, for emigration it is necessary to get 5-6 scores, for training at higher education institutions – 7-7,5.


Who needs to pass the examination?

Passing of IELTS test is simply necessary for those, who want to immigrate to Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand or to enter the Canadian, British, Australian, American, New Zealand or Irish universities.

There are two types of the test: General module and Academic module. The General one is intended for those, who want to go to the English-speaking country for the PERMANENT RESIDENCE or work. The Academic one – for those, who plan training at foreign HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION or postgraduate studies.

According tothe results of English ielts test to the candidate is given the international certificate. The certificate is valid within 2 years, then the level of proficiency in language needs to be confirmed with IELTS test passing again. It is similar to TOEFL and differs from other international examinations in English.

IELTS examination contains 4 parts:

• Reading (Reading)

• Audition (Listening)

• Letter (Writing)

• Interview (Speaking)

IELTS Reading

60 minutes are given for the Reading section. The candidate should read the text and answer 40 questions. Versions of the Academic and General test contain different texts.

• Academic Reading consists of 3 parts. Each of them is presented in the form of the text of 650 — 1000 words, which is taken from the specialized press. It differs from General Training because the level of complexity of tasks for reading and the letter in it is higher.

• General Reading consists of 3 parts, which are small texts on the general subjects.

IELTS Listening

For fulfilling the Listening section 30 minutes are given, it consists of 4 sections, 40 questions.  In this module you listen to an audio recording once, at the same time looking through questions and then writing you answers to them.  The complexity of questions gradually increases by the end.  After audio recording listening you will be given additional 10 minutes on transferring the answers to an examination sheet. The Listening Part is identical for both Academic and General.

The first 2 sections are on social demands subjects – the former one is in the form of a dialogue of two people, the letter one – a monologue. The third and the fourth sections of ielts listening are on education and training programs subjects, the third section – a conversation of several people (up to 4), the fourth one – a monologue.

IELTS Writing

For fulfilling Writing 60 minutes are provided, it contains 2 tasks. In this section writing of 2 texts – with a minimum volume of 150 words in one, and 250 words in the other, is supposed. In Academic and General Tests different texts are provided.

For Academic Writing:

• in the first task the data from the table, the chart or the schedule, the contents of which need to be transferred by your own words, are provided for acquaintance;

• in the second ielts writing task it is necessary to write the essay, in which you need to estimate and challenge the opinion, argument or fact offered to you.

For General Writing:

• in the first task writing of the letter inquiry on certain information or writing of the letter with a request to comment on any situation is provided;

• in the second task it is necessary to write the essay, it is similar to the second Academic ielts test task, but their subjects are different.

IELTS Speaking

You are given 11-14 minutes for the Speaking section, it contains 3 parts. The first part is the interview with the examiner. In the second part it is necessary to answer the questions of subject cards. And in the third part – to answer the questions on different subjects, which will be asked by the examiner. The Speaking section estimates the ability of effective use of English for communication, pronunciation, vocabulary, ability to use grammatical forms correctly.

System of scoring the test

You can receive from 1 to 9 scores for this test.  Each module at first is estimated separately then the GPA for the whole examination is defined.

Features of passing the test

The basis for the successful passing of this test is the knowledge of its structure and features. A good preparation, which considers a format and features of tasks, and the complexity level is necessary as well. Our educational center will help you to prepare for a successful passing of the ielts examination test. With the help of our teachers you will gain all necessary skills and strategy for successful passing of the test, as preparation includes tasks, similar to those you will have while passing the examination.

IELTS test is not less popular. It estimates not only the level of knowledge of English, but also ability to use the knowledge freely and quickly. Therefore, for successful passing of it, it is necessary to know the structure of the test and to understand its specifics. In this case preparation for ielts at the courses in Kiev will be also more effective, than preparation for it by yourself. As in order to understand the structure of IELTS examination, it is necessary not only to try to pass trial test, but also to find the mistakes and to work on them. Only our skilled teachers at the IELTS courses in Kiev in the Universal Test Company will be able to help you. Preparation for the exam is carried out on the basis of real tasks, which will be at the examination. The teacher will not only point your weaknesses, but will help to work on them as well.

Preparation for IELTS at the courses in the Universal Test Company includes:

First of all, you should pass trial test, which includes tasks similar to those that will be presented at IELTS examination. With the help of the teacher you will estimate the level of your knowledge and develop the program of studying, according to your strong points and weaknesses and the expected result. In the Universal Test Company the trial test is given free of charge. After its fulfilling the qualified teacher will help you to deal with the examination structure, tell about all its “reefs” and help you to develop the strategy and tactics of passing the test. At the preparation courses for IELTS in Kiev you receive all the necessary skills for fulfilling of tasks of all modules, learn to write the essay correctly and express the thoughts in English logically.

You can choose group or individual classes. If you need to get prepared in a short time, there is an intensive course for this purpose. You can learn more details of the program of studying in the section “Prices and Schedule”.

Advantages of preparation for IELTS in the Universal Test Company

 You will be taught by the certified teachers, who have sufficient experience in it

 You receive all studying materials (Textbooks and CD) free of charge

You will pass the free trial test, which will show your level today

 The office, where the classes are given, is equipped with the modern equipment and is in the center of Kiev

 You have the opportunity to choose the schedule of group classes convenient for you or choose individual courses

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