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Universal Test проводит курсы подготовки к международным экзаменам по английскому и немецкому языкам:

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Экзаменационно-образовательный центр Universal Test является лидером среди языковых школ Киева с 15-летним стажем работы. Наши преподаватели - высококвалифицированные специалисты в сфере обучения английскому и немецкому языкам. Мы обладаем колоссальным опытом работы и знаниями в сфере международного тестирования.



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What is TOEFL?


TOEFL Test is the standardized test for knowledge of English, as a foreign one. The similar American system of testing is recognized in many countries of the whole world. TOEFL is necessary so that the colleges and universities of America and Canada could estimate the professional level of proficiency in English of entrants from other countries.

There is TOEFL test in paper (paper-based test) and computer (computer-based test) form.  But the Internet version of the iBT TOEFL test is considered the most preferable for today as it includes not only listening, writing and reading, but also the combined tasks for oral speech.

It is also necessary to consider that if within two years you don’t enter or get a job, you should pass the TOEFL iBT test again.


Who needs to pass iBT TOEFL test?

Originally TOEFL test was necessary at the entrance to higher education institutions of Canada and the USA, and only later it began to be used in other foreign programs of training. IBT TOEFL test is also necessary for those, whose employers demand the results of TOEFL ibt examination without fail and those, who enter the MBA international programs.

Examination consists of 4 modules:

• Reading (Reading)

• Listening (Audition)

• Writing (Writing)

• Speaking (Interview)

Test TOEFL Reading

For the Readingsection 60-80 minutes are given, it includes 3-4 texts and for each of them up to 12-14 questions.  In this module the ability to read and understand English texts from textbooks, scientific editions, articles on different subjects and with different styles of writing is defined.

Test TOEFL Listening

60-80 minutes are given for Listening, 2-3 blocks of tasks are included (two academic texts and a dialogue in each),17 questions are offered for each block. Your ability to perceive aurally English speech of the academic and general character is estimated in the Listeningsections.

Test TOEFL Writing

2 tasks are included in the Writing section. The formerone assumes comparison of heard and read information. In the second task it is necessary to write the essay.

Test TOEFL Speaking

20 minutes are given for the Speaking section (5,5 minutes from them for answers in particular), it includes 6 different tasks two of which – to state your own opinion on an offered subject, and four tasks according to the information, which it will be offered to read and hearto you.

System of scoring the test

You can receive for the whole iBT TOEFL test from 0 to 120 scores. Each module is estimated from 0 to 30 scores, then the scores are added in the general score.


Features of passing the test

Each task of examination has an original structure, therefore a good level of knowledge of English won’t be enough for its successful passing. To get the desirable score for TOEFL, it is necessary to have an accurate strategy and tactics of fulfilling the tasks.  As the limited amount of time is given for fulfilling of each task, and each task has its own specifics and requirements.  Therefore it is very important to receive skills, which will be useful to you when passing toefl ibt test.  Preparing by yourself you can’t consider all subtleties and receive the result, which will disappoint you.  While passing TOEFL, the important role is played by the similar tasks fulfilled earlier on training courses.